E-7 Apocalypse

The Apocalypse series was designed for metal players with high demands. The passive USA Apocalypse pickups provide a lot of punch and tonal flexibility. The light swamp ash body, the Thin-C neck profile and the extra-jumbo stainless steel frets ensure a comfortable playing experience under all circumstances. 

Available in the finish/color variants:


Schecter Pickups

Schecter produces both time-honored replicas and contemporary single coils and humbucker pickups. All pickups from A for “Apocalypse” to Z for “Z Plus” are produced in the USA. From vintage to ultra-hot sounds, from six to eight strings, Schecter has the right pickup for everyone.

TonePros® Bridge

The TonePros® Bridge is designed for maximum stability and optimal transmission of string vibrations. A characteristic feature of the TonePros® Bridge is the locking system. The strings are secured by special saddle and saddle constructions, which not only increases tuning stability, but also improves the transmission of vibrations to the instrument and the sustain.

Locking Tuner

Locking tuners are specifically designed to increase tuning stability while making string changes easier. The main difference from traditional tuners is the way the strings are attached. With locking tuners, the string is not only wrapped around the mechanism, but also secured by a locking system. This system consists of a small clamping mechanism or screw that holds the string in place.


A “set-neck” (glued-in) neck is a design that is characterized by its tonal and playing properties. In contrast to neck-body connections, where the neck is screwed, the set-neck neck is firmly glued to the guitar body. The fixed neck connection eliminates the need for screws and additional connection mechanisms, resulting in a more direct transmission of string vibrations to the body. The result is a powerful, resonant sound with longer sustain.

Ebony Fretboard

An ebony fretboard is characterized by a clear and precise tone quality. The dense structure of the wood allows the string vibrations to be efficiently transferred to the body, resulting in a balanced sound spectrum with clear highs and well-defined mids.


Model NameE-7 Apocalypse
Model Number1311
FinishRed Reign
BodySwamp Ash  
NeckMaple/Padauk, Set-Neck w/Ultra Access
Scale26.5” / 673 mm
Neck ShapeThin C
Nut Width48 mm
Frets24 X-Jumbo, stainless steel
Bridge PickupSchecter USA Apocalypse-VI™
Neck PickupSchecter USA Apocalypse-VI™
BridgeTonePros 7-String Tune-O-Matic & Tailpiece
TunersSchecter Locking
HardwareSatin Black
StringsErnie Ball 7-String (.009/.011/.016/.026/.036/.046/.062)
Case (sold separately)SCSGR-E1

SGR-E-1 Hardcase

  • Model: SGR-E-1 Hardcase (#1702)
  • Exterior: Hardwood w/Black Vinyl Tolex
  • Interior: EPS foam protective interior with deep plush lining (blue)
  • Leatherette Wrapped Carry Handle
  • Metal Latched w/Lock
  • Accessory Compartments
  • Fits: all E-1 models
  • Case (sold separately)