Coupe, the retro-inspired masterpiece in the usual Schecter quality, is a guitar that impresses with its impressive design and high-quality features. The semi-hollow maple body gives the guitar a warm and resonant sound, while the maple set neck with an ebony fretboard provides a comfortable playing experience. With a 24.75 inch (628 mm) scale length, a C-neck profile and 22 X-Jumbo frets, it is ideal for versatile playing styles. The Tesla FilterTron TV-ML1 pickups deliver clear and dynamic sound that can hold its own in various genres. With the Grover tuners and gold-colored hardware, the Coupe is not only impressive in terms of sound, but also a visual highlight on stage. 

Available in the finish/color variants:


Bigsby® Vibrato

The Bigsby® Vibrato was developed in the 1940s as one of the first tremolo systems. The vibrato itself consists of a base plate made of solid aluminum in which a rotatable steel shaft is mounted. The strings are wound around the steel shaft, to which the vibrato lever is also attached. If you move the vibrato lever, the strings are wound or unwound and the pitch changes according to the fluctuating string tension. The Bigsby vibrato allows slight fluctuations in pitch of around 1-2 semitones.


A “set-neck” (glued-in) neck is a design that is characterized by its tonal and playing properties. In contrast to neck-body connections, where the neck is screwed, the set-neck neck is firmly glued to the guitar body. The fixed neck connection eliminates the need for screws and additional connection mechanisms, resulting in a more direct transmission of string vibrations to the body. The result is a powerful, resonant sound with longer sustain.

Ebony Fretboard

An ebony fretboard is characterized by a clear and precise tone quality. The dense structure of the wood allows the string vibrations to be efficiently transferred to the body, resulting in a balanced sound spectrum with clear highs and well-defined mids.


Model NameCoupe
Model Number296
FinishGloss Black
BodyMaple (Arched Top)
NeckMaple, Set-Neck
Scale24.75” / 628 mm
Neck ShapeC
Nut Width43 mm
Frets22 X-Jumbo
Bridge PickupTesla FilterTron TV-ML1
Neck PickupTesla FilterTron TV-ML1
BridgeBigsby Archtop B70 w/ Roller TonePros TOM TPFR – T3BT
StringsErnie Ball Regular Slinky #2221 (.010-.046)
Case (sold separately)SCSGR-13AC