Keith Merrow KM-6 MK-III Legacy

Keith Merrow is a studio guitarist, songwriter, producer and sound engineer. Once a reclusive amateur musician, Keith was convinced by his close friends and family to share his music with the world. Since 2008, his music has been listened to by millions of people via YouTube and social media. He has been part of the Schecter family for years. The incredible guitars of the KM III Legacy series have neck-thru construction and narrow body as well as Lundgren M6/7 pickups.

Available in the finish/color variants:

Lefthand model available:


Lundgren Pickups

Lundgren pickups are high-quality pickups for electric guitars, known for excellent sound quality and precision craftsmanship. The Swedish company, founded by Johan Lundgren, is renowned for innovative designs and custom-made pickups. Their versatility adapts to different music genres, from vintage to modern sounds. The M6/M7 models are particularly popular for high-gain applications with balanced sound characteristics and high output power, ideal for rock and metal. Lundgren pickups have firmly established themselves on the market.

Hipshot® Bridge

The Hipshot® Bridge is a high-quality solution for electric guitars and basses, known for precision, stability and versatility. Hipshot® products are widely used in guitar technology and represent innovation and quality. Available as fixed bridge and tremolo bridges, they feature robust construction and high-quality materials such as stainless steel, ensuring longevity and tuning stability. The bridges allow for easy adjustment of string position and intonation, promoting improved string vibration transfer for a clear and resonant sound.

Locking Tuner

Locking tuners are specifically designed to increase tuning stability while making string changes easier. The main difference from traditional tuners is the way the strings are attached. With locking tuners, the string is not only wrapped around the mechanism, but also secured by a locking system. This system consists of a small clamping mechanism or screw that holds the string in place.


A "neck-thru" neck represents a sophisticated and high-quality construction. In contrast to guitars with screwed or glued necks, the neck extends through the entire body of the guitar. A key advantage of the neck-thru design is improved string transfer and longer sustain. Another plus point is easier access to higher frets. Due to the continuous neck, guitarists can effortlessly play up to the highest frets without a neck-body connection getting in the way.

Ebony Fretboard

An ebony fretboard is characterized by a clear and precise tone quality. The dense structure of the wood allows the string vibrations to be efficiently transferred to the body, resulting in a balanced sound spectrum with clear highs and well-defined mids.


Model NameKeith Merrow KM-6 MK-III Legacy
Model Number872
FinishTrans White Satin
BodyMahogany w/Flamed Maple Veneer Top
NeckMaple, Neck-Thru w/Ultra Access
Scale25.5” / 648 mm
Neck ShapeUltra Thin C
Nut Width42 mm
Frets24 X-Jumbo, stainless steel
Bridge PickupLundgren M6
Neck PickupLundgren M6
BridgeHipshot Fixed Bridge .175
TunersSchecter Locking
StringsErnie Ball Regular Slinky #2221 (.010-.046)
Case (sold separately)SCSGR-1C

SGR-1C Guitar Hardcase

  • Model Name: SGR-1C
  • Model Number: 1620
  • Exterior: PE (Polyethylene) Plastic w/ embossed Schecter logo (black)
  • Interior: EPS foam protective interior with deep plush lining (blue)
  • "Heavy-Duty" Aluminum valance (black)
  • Powder coated Metal w/Lockable middle latch (black)
  • 3 Accessory Compartments
  • Fits: e.g. righthand C-Style guitars (not C-9), Sun Valley Super Shredder models (not PT)
  • Case (sold separately)