Damien Platinum-9

The beauty of the Damien Platinum series is in the details: With a satin black finish, satin chrome hardware and binding as well as the striking bat inlays, these guitars are real eye-catchers. Their aesthetic appeal is underlined by high-quality components such as the active EMG humbuckers and, depending on the model, Sustainac pickups and Floyd Rose tremolos. 

Available in the finish/color variants:


EMG Pickups

EMG pickups are state-of-the-art, popular pickups for electric guitars and basses, known for clear sound reproduction, low noise and versatility. With their active technology, they produce a strong, interference-resistant signal, especially in high-gain situations. Available in various versions, they offer vintage to modern sounds and enable flexible sound adjustments with features such as push-pull potentiometers. Particularly appreciated in rock and metal, EMG pickups are characterized by reliability and first-class sound quality.

Tune-O-Matic Bridge

The Tune-O-Matic Bridge consists of a fixed base and individually adjustable saddles that allow the guitarist to precisely adjust the string height and intonation. This contributes to improved playability and tuning stability. The strings are passed through the body of the guitar via the saddles. This "string thru body" design provides increased string vibration and contributes to the guitar's resonance and sustain.


A “set-neck” (glued-in) neck is a design that is characterized by its tonal and playing properties. In contrast to neck-body connections, where the neck is screwed, the set-neck neck is firmly glued to the guitar body. The fixed neck connection eliminates the need for screws and additional connection mechanisms, resulting in a more direct transmission of string vibrations to the body. The result is a powerful, resonant sound with longer sustain.

Rosewood Fretboard

A rosewood fretboard is characterized by a warm, resonant tone quality. The density and structure of rosewood help the string vibrations to be transmitted efficiently, resulting in a balanced sound spectrum with emphasized lows, clear mids and silky highs.


Model NameDamien Platinum-9
Model Number1193
FinishSatin Black
NeckMaple, Set-Neck w/Ultra Access
Scale30" / 762 mm
Neck ShapeThin C
Nut Width63.3 mm
Frets24 X-Jumbo
Bridge PickupEMG 909
Neck PickupEMG 909
BridgeHipshot Hardtail (.125) w/ String Thru Body
HardwareSatin Chrome
Strings Ernie Ball Custom 9-String 30" Scale (.009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042/.056/.080/.100)
Case (sold separately)SCSGR-UNIV1

SGR-Universal Guitar

  • Model Name: SGR-Universal
  • Model Number: 1622
  • Exterior: PE (Polyethylene) Plastic w/ embossed Schecter logo (black)
  • Interior: EPS foam protective interior with deep plush lining (blue)
  • "Heavy-Duty" Aluminum valance (black)
  • Powder coated Metal w/Lockable middle latch (black)
  • 3 Accessory Compartments
  • Fits: e.g. PT-Style models, lefthand C-Style guitars, Nick Johnston Traditional
  • Case (sold separately)